The Story So Far did I get here?
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This is an attempt to put some flesh on the bare-bones of the family tree diagram. I've tried to paint a picture showing just a little of my ancestors, their lives, circumstances and locations, and to include some historical background. It's not always serious, it's not very accurate or reliable - in fact some of it is total fantasy.

The Story Simplified

There is a very simple description of the family tree by locations. Starting with Adam Moore born in Westminster, London in 1810, the male Moores have been very slowly creeping north-westerly. During those 200 years, they travelled about 22 miles - roughly 200yds a year. The families of their wives had arrived in London - Snells from Devon, Tentens from Germany, Borretts from Suffolk and Bevis's from Hampshire - all around 1870 to 1880 (glossing over the present generation, of course). Have a look at a Google Maps directions' representation - be patient, it may take a while to load. Come back, y'all.

Simple Tree

Simple Tree