The Bevis's

The Bevis's are proving very difficult to track down. This is all I have so far:

First, there is the marriage certificate for Robert Moore and Emma Jane Bevis on 16 July 1871, in Paddington. Emma's father's name is George Bevis, occupation labourer.

Next, the birth certificate for Emma Jane Bevis - born 4 August 1847 (10.45pm, Clay Hall Alverstoke). The father is G.Bevis, occupation Labourer, Haslar Hospital (which happens to be just along Haslar Road from Clayhall Road - perhaps Clay Hall no longer exists). Emma's mother's name is given as 'Jane Bevis, formerly West (actually it doesn't look much like West, but more like West than anything else)

So I should be able to find census entries for Emma Bevis in 1871, probably in or near Paddington, and in 1851 and 1861 probably in or near Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire.

This one looks likely for 1871 - an Emma Bevis, housemaid at 5 Mornington Crescent, the home of Ship Broker John Wade. With Emma's dad working at the Naval Hospital at Haslar, I wonder if she got the job through connections?

But the 1851 census and 1861 census - nada. No Emma Bevis's, daughter of George and Jane, to be found anywhere.

Maybe if I could find the marriage record for a George Bevis and a Jane, probably in Hampshire. Still nothing convincing.

It seems I'm stuck.