The Neuhsingers


This is the story of Christian and Gertrude's daughter Mary Margaret - particularly interesting, because she married someone from Germany - so perpetuating the German link a little further. Mary married Leonard Fritz Neuhsinger on Feb 1 1891 (her address was 43 Howland Street) and was living at 162 Gt Titchfield Street at the 1891 census. Mary's husband was born in Bavaria and was a waiter.

Henry John Newsinger

Henry John Newsinger (1893-1979)

She gave birth to Leonard Frederick Neuhsinger on 8 July - another rushed job. The baby didn't last the year - died 11 April 1892 at 40 Newman Street.

Henry John Neuhsinger was born 30 June 1893 at 5 Little Goodge Street (now called Goodge Place).

Leonard Fritz and Mary Margaret went back to Germany, where their sons Willy (1896) and George (1900) were born. Apparently, Mary left Hersbruck Germany secretly with Henry and George - leaving Willy behind. At the 1901 census, baby George was with his grandparents Christian and Gertrude in Carnaby Street.

Leonard Fritz applied for a British passport in 1902 - and disappeared.

Mary married again, becoming Mary Ford and her youngest son, Bavarian-born George subsequently went by the name of George Ford.

Henry John Neuhsinger (Newsinger)

Along came WW1 - what was the son of a German mother and father to do?

Henry anglicised his name to 'Newsinger' and served as a Private in the Rifle Brigade of the British Army in WW1 - Regt. no P/4062. And he survived.

Henry later served as a cocktail waiter at the members-only RAC Club in Pall Mall. Good show. He married Amelia Rose Bland on 9 Aug 1919, at 135 Great Titchfield Street. Over the next eight years at that address they had Marie (1920-1983), Jack (1921-1982), Ellen (1923-) and George Stanley (1928-1928).

Betty Newsinger (aka Betty Thatcher)

Ellen's daughter, Betty Newsinger, must have a special mention here; she has been exceptionally helpful with information and photos. Betty travelled to Belgium and Germany to root-out the history of Christian and Gertrude. Thanks for all your help, Betty.

Betty is a lyricist. Not just any lyricist, but a Renaissance lyricist - she wrote the lyrics on many of the Renaissance albums. Try this one, performed by Blackmore's Night:

See also her entry in Wikipedia

George Neuhsinger/Ford

George Neuhsinger was born in Bavaria in 1900, but when his mum re-married and became a Ford, he adopted the Ford name. George married Elsie Beatrice Hucker in 1920, at 35 Camden Road. On 29 Jan 1922, at 3 Little Albany Street, their son George Ford arrived.