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George Snell

Following on from the story in The Snells, Devon, 18-year-old George Snell and his girlfriend from Devon, Emily Lowden, married in West Ham in 1879. They had a son, Herbert George Snell, born in the Spring of 1880 in East Ham. A year after that, the 1881 census finds them in Newhaven, Sussex with 11 month old Herbert - George's occupation is 'labourer'.

The following year they moved to London and George began his career with the Metropolitan Police on 27 Feb 1882, in 'Y' Division - Holloway. Warrant number 66310. In September 1882, Frances Iris Snell was born in Holloway.

In 1889, my grandmother Ethel Maud was born, but her brother Herbert, the Snells only son, died in December, aged 9. Emily Louisa was born in 1891.

By the next census, in 1891, they live at 5 Ingleby Road, Islington with their three daughters - Frances 8, Ethel 2 and Emily just 2 months.

George was promoted to Sergeant in February 1893 in 'A' Division (Westminster), later moving to 'V' (Wandsworth) and finally 'L' (Lambeth).

The 1901 census shows Police Sergeant George and Louisa, with Francis (now 18) a dressmaker but Ethel and Emily still at school. Their address was 52 Reedworth Street, Lambeth - off the Kennington Road (that brings back memories for me - playing in the band at various drunken Lambeth/Kennington weddings...)

George acquired the leashold to 2 Lushington Road on 25 July 1903 - this was to be the house he retired in, where his grandson Stanley George Moore and his great grandaughter Jan Moore (my sister) were to be born.

George retired from the force aged 46 on 4 March 1907, after 25 years and 5 days service - at the end of which he was earning £2 2s 0d a week. His address was given as 68 Reedworth Street - strange, why not Lushington Road?

2 Lushington Road

2 Lushington Road

The 1911 census has him as 'Police Pensioner, out-of-work watchman' at 2 Lushington Road, Willesden Ethel Maud and Emily Louisa were shop assistants but Francis had left home.

Francis had married Edward Timberlake in Lambeth, Sept 1907 - at 1911 Census, living at 9 Lushington Road with daughter Marjorie Iris aged 10 months and boarder Henry Timberlake - a brother? (Marjorie Iris Timberlake died in 1994).

When Charles Moore married Ethel in October 1914, they both gave 2 Lushington Road as their address. Charles was presumably living there as a lodger, and had become especially friendly with Ethel. It was another one of those rushed jobs - Majorie Moore arrived before the end of March 1915. It's good to know that Charles did the decent thing, but it was obviously a wise decision - bearing in mind that her dad had been a copper.