The Londoners

Man rant

From the patriarchal point of view, this is where all the previous pages have been leading. The rest of it was all about the hows and the wheres of the wives of the Moores, this is about the male Moores. Of course in these politically correct days, no one is allowed to express anything in those terms - but this is about the past, and the past was patriarchal.

Rant revisited

On the other hand...

Actually, perhaps this section should have been called "The Willesdeners", as the Tentens and Neuhsingers were also Londoners, after 1880. And actually, the Willesden story seems to revolve around the George Snell daughters - who became Timberlakes and Jeffs as well as Moores - and the Henry Tenten daughters - who became Murchs as well as Moores. So perhaps it's matriarchal after all. Ooops.

No wait - 'Snell daughters' takes us back to George Snell, and 'Tenten daughters' takes us back to Henry Tenten. So that's OK then, back to the male lines; so now God's in his heaven and all's right with the world. Er - isn't it?